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Over 320 Automated Triggers. Addressing full customer lifecycle. Share-of-Wallet aware.Supporting your website, physical stores, marketplaces.Each program individualizing to each customer.It's not science fiction - it's just science.

Prebuilt Programs

Predictive Acquisition (Pretargeting)

Lookalike seeds are the industry standard in customer acquisition. They are used in social, product level advertising, display ads, marketplace advertising, and even print. If you are like most (almost every) retailer you are using a combination of recent purchasers and/or browsers to build the 'seed' audience you send to Facebook (et al.) to say find me more people like these.

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Predictive Repurchase

Next most likely is a specialized subset of product level predictions - at least in our world. Next Most Likely (NML) as an insight is time bound to a window immediately after purchase. To be clear...this isn’t just for digital customers. This isn’t just for new customers - this is every customer, within every sales channel - and it was engineered to solve one of our most strategic needs.

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Predictive Expansion Purchase

Keeping a customer loyal implies selling them the products they love. This is the notion of 'continuity.' A specialized version of 'consumables' (see advanced concepts) - continuity is the repurchase of products that are generally not viewed as consumable product. This includes product that are longer worn (running shoes), have seasonal cycles (fashion), that are gradually consumed (consumer ink cartridges), or have a finite, but replenishable value cycle (video games - often by genre).

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Predictive Churn

‘Every vendor has churn’ - yeah, not like this. Our churn model tracks not just churn risk progression, but blends it with a customer's predicted value to tell you how to respond. Our ML allows predictive purchase signals to be detected for customers who have long since churned. Our advanced seasonal models discern between a seasonal churn event vs. brand level churn event. Like everything we do - it is also aware of sales channels, supporting stores (by format), your site, your social commerce, and even your marketplace.

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Predictive Winback

Stop throwing discounts and start offering relevant products. Similar to our Predictive Churn, OpenINSIGHTS Cognitive Framework can detect merchandising opportunities with customers who are not just churning, but churned...very, very churned. Carrying a predictive value classification, you can selectively offer an incentive to reactivate, the product that will make them reactivate, and a predictive sales channel for them to transact through.

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Predictive Seasonal Lifecycle

Seasons, catalogs and events - they all carry their own lifecycle and product lines. Managing seasonal prospects, nurture, healthy lapsing and churned means reducing competitive churn risk by as much as 300% while increasing non-season spend by 36% - and now you can manage it automatically (thanks again Cognitive Framework).

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