Top 5 reasons to meet with OpenINSIGHTS

#1 – It’s All About Marketing.

Your next leap in performance is predictive. 5x acquisition effectiveness, 67% expanded customer relationships, and seasonal reactivation ~ 70%… It’s waiting for you.

#2 – It’s About More Than Marketing.

Massive scale predictions redefine companies. From store allocations to merchandising strategy, creating forecasts to hitting them. There is a better path…and it’s predictive.

#3 – You Never Wanted The “Single Customer View”

You want the value that lives beyond; to manage and expand the value of your customers, to introduce new seasons and sales channels, to use products to manage churn, not discounts. The ‘single customer view’ is only a point on the journey – not the destination

#4 – It’s Time For ‘Less Artificial. More intelligence.’

Real machine learning really does exist. Predictions for every customer, every product, every sales channel and lifecycle. But it requires a continuous system… built for retail.

#5 – You Don’t Have To Be Ready For Us, Because We Are Ready For You.

We have 20 years working with raw source data from retail’s largest brands. OpenINSIGHTS white glove deployment means we work with your historic transactional data. We process your incremental sales data. We provide customer appends. We provide enhanced digital tracking. We make your predictive future turn key….because that was the only way to deliver it.

Less Artificial.

More Intelligent.


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    Still Not Convinced? Here Are 3 Bonus Reasons.

    The Best of “Build and Buy”

    Built to empower your organization, delivered turn-key.

    All the benefits of an ‘Open’ predictive CDP – delivered in your own cloud… perpetually.

    It’s why PwC called OpenINSIGHTS “digital transformation with a destination.”


    The OpenINSIGHTS ProofCamp is a small-scale deployment of the OpenINSIGHTS platform. It’s your data, your analytics, your predictions in your cloud that you get to keep.

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