5 Outrageous Reasons To Meet With OpenINSIGHTS

#1 – Outrageous Predictions.

We predict everything with industry leading “future” views.

#2 – Outrageous Results.

From true customer acquisition (not one and done) through reactivation.
Disclaimer: There is none.  All programs are “strategy as product” with results that are typical, replicable, and reference-able.

#3 – Outrageously Open.

Built For You To Own, Not Rent.
Turn-Key deployment. Resides in your Google Cloud environment. Fully extensible.

#4 – Outrageously Ready for you.

Your ugly old data is beautiful to us. OpenINSIGHTS singular focus is retail. We work with your historic transactional data. We process your incremental sales data. We provide customer appends. We provide enhanced digital tracking. We make your predictive future turn key….because that was the only way to deliver it.

#5 – Outrageous Proof.

Experience mass scale predictions with your own data, Open appended data in Your Google cloud in record time, 90-120 Days. (Did we mention we know the data, we know the craft, and we know predictions.)

Less Artificial.

More Intelligent.


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