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Predictive Retail Is The New Way To Retail.
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OpenINSIGHTS Proofcamp

The OpenINSIGHTS proofcamp is not a demo, not a pitch - it’s a live, low-effort, limited-scale deployment of OpenINSIGHTs into your own Google Cloud with your own data. Yeah, you give us a transactional data snapshot and we will show you how OpenINSIGHTS changes everything. It’s the infrastructure, it’s the data, it’s the context, it’s the analysis, it’s the predictions, it’s the marketing - all presented back to you in a collection of executive sessions.



You Provide 3-5 Years Of Historic Transactional Data


Open Provides
Digital Transformation Via Open For Google Cloud


Open Provides
Massive Scale Machine Learning


Open Delivers
A High Fidelity View Of Your Future


Low Effort. Low Cost. High Value.

A boot camp style experience, hosted virtually and/or onsite. Designed for your team to roll up their sleeves and experience massive scale predictions focused on predictive lifecycle marketing. Showcasing your own data using a snapshot of historical sales data deployed in your own Google Cloud that you get to keep for 90 days, no strings.


Technology Track

Digital Transformation powered by Google. This track reviews your self healing/ provisioning Google architecture.

Core Concepts:
Foundation: GCP
Revealed: Terraform for OpenCloud
Data Sources / MDMs
Revealed: Google BigQuery
Revealed: Single Customer View


Data Science Track

A hands on session exploring the design of our cognitive framework and the results it produces.

Core Concepts:
MDM Primer: 7 Core Engines
Revealed: Mesh Analytics
Revealed: Analytic Frameworks
OpenML: Feature Selection
OpenML: Predictions @Scale
Revealed: Exploring Predictions


Predictive Marketing

Provides our definition for Predictive Customer Lifecycle Marketing and a functional overview for how to scale.

Core Concepts:
Foundation: The Cognitive Framework
Revealed: Predictive Insights
Predictive Marketing
Revealed: Predictive Acquisition, Repurchase, Expansion, Churn, Winback
Revealed: JourneyGraphing

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