noun | in·sight | ?in-?s?t

an understanding of relationships that solve a problem or identify an opportunity.

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From the team that triggered the first platformed abandoned cart email for Sears in 1999. Get the latest in company news and industry perspective from a crew that has driven billions of dollars for some of the world’s largest retail brands.

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Proofcamp: Demystifying Disruption

Proofcamp: Demystifying Disruption Retail Nation – Last week we teased the OpenINSIGHTS Proofcamp.  It’s the opportunity for retail and DTC executives to experience massive scale customer predictions, delivered through our Open Cognitive Framework (new ML), powered by Google Cloud, and hosted within your own GCP environment. OpenINSIGHTS PROOFCAMP It’s your data, your customers, your predictions […]

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OpenINSIGHTS Proofcamp

OpenINSIGHTS PROOFCAMP TL;DR YES, We’ll prove it… With your data. If that’s enough info, then click here to see your future OpenINSIGHTS PROOFCAMP. PROVING EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS Real innovation. Sometimes it actually does happen. Sometimes it’s not small steps but giant leaps. Sometimes it’s not fitting into analysts’ magic quadrants – but creating new ones. Real […]

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Welcome to the Era of Insights

Retail Nation. Your world is about to change. You are going to move closer to your customers than you ever thought possible. You will be able to connect to them as individuals harmonizing customer experience to the value you require from each of them. The Era of Insights increases the quality of customers you acquire, […]

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